My Services


The therapeutic relationship is a relationship like no other.  It is based on trust and builds through empathic understanding, congruence, honesty and openness.  One to one counselling will provide you with a relationship unlike any you may have had before.  If you find the right counsellor the connection will be invaluable in you becoming who you truly are and in you finding and connecting with inner peace.

I offer individual counselling in my therapy rooms either in Mold, North Wales or in Chester.  I also offer counselling in my therapy garden (depending on the weather).


With the rush of modern living it can sometimes be hard to find time to make it to a counselling session in person, it can also be a daunting thought, to sit in front of a stranger and tell them your inner most secrets. 

This is why I also offer telephone or zoom counselling either as a full alternative or as a way to build up to face to face therapy.


It's natural to have felt stress, anxiety, grief, and worry during the COVID-19 pandemic.  Since 2020, there has been a notable rise in both general and social anxiety.  Talking through your thoughts and exploring your feelings surrounding anxiety can help.  If you'd like to find out ways in which to reduce your anxiety, through small lifestyle or diet changes, why not book in a free 15 minute consultation. 


There are lots of issues that can cause someone to lack confidence, but one thing is for sure, this can wreck lives.  One of the methods that I use can help to build up this confidence, making sure you can start to live life to the full.


This is another area that I have specialised in.  I believe we all have the right to be who we truly are, away from fear of judgement.  I understand that issues surrounding sexual orientation can still lead to anxiety,  social isolation, anger problems, depression and even suicide.  I offer a safe and experienced space totally free of any judgement for you to discover your true self, whoever that person may be.